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Bitter Melon Pills - Does it work for Diabetes?

diabetes - lifestyle as medicine Apr 27, 2024
bitter melon pills for diabetes

Bitter Melon Pills for Diabetes, does it work?

Many people make take bitter melon extracts as supplements for diabetes control because of they might have read about the potential benefits of bitter melon for diabetes, that it is helpful in lowering blood sugar to some degree.

From my interactions with my patients and people who come to me for 1-1 coaching for help to review and improve their diet, there are 3 common mistakes i see made by people who take bitter melon extracts as supplements for their blood sugar or diabetes control.

Bitter Melon for Diabetes Mistake Number One
Bitter Melon supplements - having the wrong concept of food as medicine - food as medicine does not necessarily mean taking the extracts of food and putting them into pills, perhaps that is not a good way to see food as medicine. We should see food as medicine more holistically in terms of modifying and optimizing all aspects of your food related habits to better control and combat diabetes. Regardless of the potential efficacy of bitter melon in being helpful in controlling blood sugar, it is best that we should not be so quick to put bitter melon in a Pill. Food as Medicine does not equal to Food in a Pill. 

Bitter Melon for Diabetes Mistake Number Two -
Overly and solely dependent on superfoods or supplements such as Bitter Melon Pills and not doing enough to comprehensively and adequately tackle change and improve all aspects of the many problematic aspects of your eating habits that are clearly causing aggravating impacting your diabetes condition and blood sugar spikes.  

Bitter Melon for Diabetes Mistake Number Three
Not understanding and appreciating that the goal of diabetes management is more than just about achieving good blood sugar control, whether through the drugs prescribed by your doctor or the supplements including bitter melon pills that you have decided to put yourself on. 
The full and ultimate goal of diabetes management must be about retarding the progression of diabetes as well as preventing and reducing the complications of diabetes and that can only be achieved through the holistic lifestyle and especially dietary habits changes and improvements.

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