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Diabetes Explained Simply - What is Diabetes? What can we do if we have Diabetes

diabetes - lifestyle as medicine explained simply by dr chan May 06, 2024
Diabetes Explained Simply, Diabetes Diet

What is Diabetes? Put SIMPLY, Diabetes can be described as a state of Carbohydrate Intolerance to some degree. And if Diabetes is a state of Carbohydrate Intolerance, then people with Diabetes can do the following:

(1) Adjust the amount and quality of the carbohydrates that they consume, so that they would still be able to tolerate, handle the carbohydrates intake without any resulting excessive, unhealthily high blood sugar spike post meal. 

(2) Improve their Carbohydrate Tolerance by making the necessary lifestyle and diet change to improve their insulin sensitivity.

(3) Take medications to augment their lifestyle and diet changes to optimally control their blood sugar

(4) All of the above

I have done a Youtube video on this :
Diabetes Explained Simply by Dr Chan - What is Diabetes? What to do when you have Diabetes?

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Diabetes Explained Simply - What is Diabetes? What can we do if we have Diabetes

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