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Stress & Diabetes - The Oft-overlooked Impact of Stress on Diabetes Control and Outcomes

May 02, 2024
Stress and Diabetes, the impact of Stress on Diabetes control

People with Diabetes often neglect the need to manage stress, focusing mainly on exercise and diet. I often see patients with diabetes stressed with their condition as well as with the various things they have to do to manage their conditions - from tracking their blood glucose levels (if needed) to learning and changing their diet. I often have to highlight to them that Stress in itself, regardless of where the stressors come from, has significant adverse impact on their blood glucose control and overall diabetes management goals.

I would explain to them that vicious cycle relationship between Stress and Diabetes
(1) Stress leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices - poor sleep, lack of exercise, bingeing on unhealthy foods
(2) Unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep and many other unhealthy lifestyle exacerbate elevated blood glucose, leading to to poorer outcomes in diabetes management including poor blood sugar control and increase in diabetes complications
(3) Poor health arising from diabetes and the worsening severity of diabetes causes stress
(4) Complications arising from diabetes (eg. leg wounds, amputations, blindness, kidney failures) makes healthy eating and exercise very challenging, further leading to poor control of diabetes and complications
The vicious cycle repeats and continues

That is why I call Stress the Number One Wrecker, the Most Overlooked area of optimal diabetes management

I made a video on this
Video : The Impact of Stress on Diabetes Outcomes - Blood Glucose Control, Complications 

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Stress & Diabetes - The Oft-overlooked Impact of Stress on Diabetes Control and Outcomes










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