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FAQ : Doctor, can I take Honey if I have Diabetes? is Honey good for people with diabetes

diabetes - lifestyle as medicine May 05, 2024
Can I take honey with diabetes? is Honey OK or good for people with Diabetes?

Frequently Asked Questions - “Doctor, can I take honey if I have diabetes?” ; “Doctor, is honey good for people with diabetes?” ; “Doctor  is honey a better or healthier sweetener than table sugar for people with diabetes?”

My Answer

Honey is about 50% Fructose and  40% Glucose and 10% other sugars, very similar  to table sugar. Honey may have more vitamins,  minerals and other nutrients than table sugar,  but its glycemic index is only slightly lower than  that of table sugar.

Honey may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties or other health  promoting properties, but still honey with its  glycemic index being very similar to table sugar  means that its impact on blood glucose in the  first two hours after ingestion is also similar  to that of table sugar.

So people with diabetes,  especially those with severe diabetes or poorly  controlled diabetes, that is people with poor insulin response, poor insulin sensitivity, poor  glucose tolerance, or overall suboptimal or poor blood sugar control, and people with diabetes  with poor diets who are already taking excessive amounts of sugar or carbohydrates, may still get  unhealthy levels of blood sugar spikes from taking honey.

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Doctor, can I take HONEY if I have DIABETES? Dr Chan tackles the question of Honey and Diabetes

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FAQ : Doctor, can I take Honey if I have Diabetes? is Honey good for people with diabetes

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