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Lifestyle as Medicine to combat Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases - Taking Action in KEY

Apr 27, 2024

Do you believe in the power of lifestyle as medicineto prevent and combat diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle related chronic diseases?

This is the question I want to ask you. 

That is, do you believe that your lifestyle habits, that is, your eating habits, your exercise habits, your sleep habits, your stress management habits, if you put in the effort to appropriately change them, to adequately improve them, can become Powerful medicine, to help you prevent and combat many of the serious, yet very common chronic diseases.

Most people, including my patients, and people who attend my lifestyle medicine workshops and programs, often tell me that they do strongly believe that their lifestyle habits play a very important role in their health. That they do strongly believe that healthy lifestyle habits can help prevent, can help control and combat diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases. And yet, at the same time, most of them would also say that they have not done enough to improve their lifestyle habits, including areas that are obvious even to themselves, that they clearly need to change and improve, whether it is about reducing their sugar intake, increasing their vegetables intake, exercising more and other simple, yet obvious and powerful things that they know they need to do, aspects of their lifestyle habits that they know they need to change and improve,  but have somehow not gotten down to doing it. 

Are you like that too?

Do you also believe that your lifestyle habits can and will impact your health significantly? And yet there are still many aspects of your lifestyle, whether it is your diet, your sleep or exercise habits that you know are unhealthy or have the clear need for change or significant room for improvement, but you have been putting off tackling them.

If so, can I encourage you to make the decision today, to take the first step. However small that step might be, to make the necessary changes and improvements to whatever aspects of your lifestyle that you clearly know need to be changed or improved. 

Do not wait any longer. Start today. Start now.

Whilst you are still relatively healthy, or whilst your chronic diseases are still relatively mild, whilst you still have the opportunity to use lifestyle habits as medicine, to help you prevent chronic diseases that you do not yet have, to help you better control and combat whatever chronic diseases you already have. If you believe that healthy lifestyle habits can be powerful medicine, don't let that remain purely as a belief only. Translate that belief into real action so as to unlock the tremendous power of lifestyle habits.

Don't procrastinate any longer. Start today. You can do it.

Let healthy Habits be Thy Medicine

.Eat Well and be Well. Be blessed.

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