Quinoa a Superfood? 7 Nutritional Facts about Quinoa and 3 Mistakes that People Make.

Sep 04, 2021

Quinoa is a nutritional powerhouse, seen and labelled by many as a Superfood. What are the nutritional facts about Quinoa that helped earn it its Superfood label? Do you see Quinoa as a Superfood too? I don't and I even actively discourage people from seeing Quinoa as a Superfood, here are 2 videos I made to share my thoughts on this.


 Relevant LINKS
1. Nutritional Information about Quinoa - United Nation's International Year of Quinoa Website 
2. Article on Quinoa - Harvard's T.H. CHAN School of Public Health 
3. Article : SuperFood or SuperHype - Harvard's T.H. CHAN School of Public Health 
4. Antioxidant activity of free and bound compounds in Quinoa - Study Abstract on PubMed


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