Equipping People to Unlock the Power of Lifestyle & Eating Habits as Medicine to BEAT Chronic Diseases

Define our habits before our habits define us - our lifespan and our healthspan.

food4thot - habits as medicine Jul 10, 2021

The average lifespan of people living in a place with a reasonable level of healthcare is increasing but yet their healthspan is not growing in tandem. No amount of further investment in healthcare innovation or provision have shown to be able to nor is going to change that.

This is because the average person lives the last 10 years of life in ill-health and severe disability caused by diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases for which Healthcare have not been shown to be able to adequately combat or prevent. 

That's the Bad News. But wait, there is Good News.
The Good News is that, the majority of these diseases that take away years from lives and life from years, causing premature death as well as ill-health and severe disability for as much as 10+ years of the lives of most people, are in some way, to some degree, directly or indirectly caused by our lifestyle habits and hence we can prevent, control and combat them through changing and optimising these very lifestyle habits that medical science has clearly shown to have significant impact on these lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Our lifestyle and eating Habits have the potential to be Powerful Medicine to combat diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases, provided we consciously and correctly unleash this potential. It saddens me much whenever my patients who are suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other lifestyle-related chronic diseases, say to me, "Doctor, if only I had awaken to the power of our lifestyle habits earlier, before I've gotten into this current state of ill-health.". And to them, I would encourage them to focus on looking forward, whatever's done cannot be undone, that it is never too late to start identifying and improving the specific lifestyle and eating habits that had contributed to their developing their medical conditions and which are continuing to affect and worsen their health. 

Habits can define our lives, our lifespan and our healthspan. Let's Define our Habits before our Habits Define Us.

Let's Unlock the Power of Habits as Medicine.
One Habit, One Dose at a Time.
Start Today.

Dr Chan


About Dr Chan, Founder & Medical Director of The Habits Pharmacy  

Dr Chan is a medical doctor from Singapore who trains and coaches people to holistically review, change and improve their Lifestyle & Dietary Habits to prevent, control and combat Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Diseases and other Lifestyle & Diet related chronic diseases. Find out more about Dr Chan, his work, 1-1 coaching programmes, workshops & courses, click on the Find out More button below. 

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