Equipping People to Unlock the Power of Lifestyle & Eating Habits as Medicine to BEAT Chronic Diseases

Improving Eating Habits for the Elderly. Never too old to improve eating habits for better health.

food4thot - habits as medicine Jun 27, 2021

“Doctor, I am so old already, why are you still trying to get me to change my eating habits to eat healthier? I am so old already, no use changing now” is a common pushback I get from my older patients when I try to encourage them to change their eating habits to better control and their diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease or whatever other lifestyle habits related chronic diseases they might have.

One is NEVER too old to benefit from healthier eating habits. One is NEVER too old to start changing eating habits. One is NEVER too old to be able to successfully change eating habits to eat healthier.

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