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Do Eggs Raise Cholesterol? Eggs & LDL, Total Cholesterol

cholesterol - lifestyle as medicine Apr 27, 2024
Do Eggs Raise Cholesterol. Impact of Eggs on Blood Cholesterol

What is the impact of eggs on cholesterol? I have had many people complain to me that they are confused, that they have heard conflicting views from scientists and doctors about the whether eggs are OK or not OK for people with high cholesterol. 

I made this video to help bring some clarity on these very common questions, "Do Eggs Raise Cholesterol?", "Do Eggs Raise LDL or Total Cholesterol"

The relationship between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol is clear - that consumption of high cholesterol foods would likely raise the blood cholesterol, both LDL and Total Cholesterol for most people to varying degrees. The individual variability of the impact of egg consumption on blood cholesterol depends on a few factors, especially (1) whether one is already on a high cholesterol diet or not as well as (2) One's Cholesterol Absorber status - whether one is a hypoabsorber, hyperabsorber or normal absorber of dietary cholesterol. 

To learn more, check out this video that I made on the impact of consumption of high cholesterol foods such as eggs on blood cholesterol levels. 

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