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Do Calories Count? Make Calories Count instead of Counting Calories.

food4thot - habits as medicine Jun 27, 2021

"Doctor, why are you asking me to stop counting Calories, does it mean that Calories don't count? Isn't a calorie just a calorie?" is a question I get asked often.

3 things that I would always highlight and emphasize to people, especially my patients, whenever they ask me about calorie counting.

1 Why We Should stop Counting Calories - Important to develop and maintain healthy relationship with Food 3:23 Reason

2 Why We Should stop Counting Calories - Source of Calories Counts as well 10:55 Reason

3 Why We Should stop Counting Calories - Focus on Quality not Quantity

I would also say to them, "Calories do count, but don't count calories, focus on making every calorie count in terms of healthfulness, in terms of preventing, controlling and combating diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease"


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