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Choosing Basmati Rice for Health - 4 Mistakes People Make when switching to Basmati Rice

Sep 08, 2021

Basmati Rice - a variety of long grain rice very popular here in Asia and around world is not only winning fans over because of its taste and texture but also because of it is gaining reputation as a healthier choice when it comes to rice variety options for people who like rice or for whom rice is their staple food.

Below are the 4 Mistakes I find many people make when making the switch to Basmati Rice.


Mistake Number One :
Wrongly Assuming that All Basmati Rice are the same
Wrongly Assuming that All Basmati Rice are Whole Grain.

Mistake Number TWO :
Wrongly Assuming that All Basmati Rice are Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Mistake Number THREE :
Wrongly Assuming that All LOW GI labelled, Low GI certified Basmati Rice = Low or Lower Blood Sugar Spikes after Meals.

Mistake Number FOUR :
Unrealistic expectations about how much switching to Basmati Rice can help with blood sugar control, weight loss or health in general. 

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