Arsenic In Rice - Is it a problem?

the habits doctor notebook Mar 09, 2021
Arsenic In Rice - Is it a problem?

The issue of Arsenic in rice is not new. I think the important thing to be aware of is this - anti-nutrients or carcinogens are present in many foods, it is a matter of degree. Therefore it is important to see all of this kind of information in its full context and not be unnecessarily alarmist, labelling any particular food as unequivocally 'bad' or 'unhealthy' without putting that in the proper context. This applies to the issue of Arsenic in rice too, millions of people have been taking rice as their staple food for thousands of years, and whilst there is no doubt that there is a potential problem of arsenic in rice, especially rice grown in certain areas where arsenic contamination of the soil and water is serious, that does not mean we should be telling people to stop eating rice or even to take less rice, instead we should be informing people on how to make better choices - in terms of choosing rice with lower arsenic levels as well as how to cook the rice to lower the levels of arsenic in them. Hope this video helps.

Links to Studies

1. Cooking rice in a high water to rice ration to reduce inorganic arsenic content
​>> study 1
>> Study 2
>> Study 3
>> Study 4
2. ​Different levels of arsenic in rice from different sources
>> Study that showed US/Europe rice averages 2x higher arsenic levels than rice from Asia

Links to relevant articles and information about Arsenic in Rice 
1.  Business Time's (Singapore) article on Arsenic in Rice 
>> Watch that Hidden Poison in Your Rice
2. World Health Organisation
>> Exposure to Arsenic - a major public health concern
3. FDA
>> ​Arsenic in Rice and Rice Products Risk Assessment Report
4. British Nutrition Foundation
>> Arsenic in rice - is it a cause for concern

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