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5 Habits for Better Sleep - Fall Asleep Faster

Aug 18, 2021

Sleep affects our health in so many ways. But if we were to ask people why they think Sleep is important for health,  most would say that Sleep is importantly mainly for resting the body and mind, so as to be able to function optimally.

Here are 5 Lifestyle Habits that I would recommend that we pay more attention to, make more effort to improve, so as to have better sleep and better health as a result.

Podcast Show Notes - LINKS to articles and studies related to SLEEP HEALTH and the impact of SLEEP on Health and Chronic Diseases.
1. Article on Circadian Rhythm [ Sleep Foundation ] 
2. Pdf on ALCOHOL & SLEEP [ Alberta Health Services ]
3. Article on The Effect of BLUE LIGHT on SLEEP [Havard Medical School]
4. Pdf Article on Short- and long-term health consequences of sleep disruption [ Nature and Science of Sleep JOURNAL]

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