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Eat Rice Better 
to Beat Diseases 

Instead of only focusing on
'Eating Better Rice',
we should learn to 'Eat Rice Better'
in terms of our food choices and eating habits with regards to rice in our diet, so as to minimise any possible unhealthy blood sugar spikes from rice consumption.

This online course takes a deep dive into the topic of rice in our diets, tackles the many Must-Know about rice and its impact on our blood sugar, including the Glycemic Index of different types of rice, the factors that affect the Glycemic Index of a rice meal as well as offers practical tips on how to jumpstart healthier dietary habits with regards to enjoying rice in our diet. 

This online course is for everyone who loves rice, especially useful for people with diabetes and anyone who is concerned about and wants to minimise unhealthy blood sugar spikes from rice in our diet.

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am a medical doctor from Singapore, I train and coach people to review, modify and improve their lifestyle and dietary habits to prevent and control diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle and diet related chronic diseases.