Habits as Medicine KICKSTART - QUIZ plus 7-DAY CHALLENGE

short QUIZ plus a 7-DAY Habits Change Challenge to help you KICKSTART improvements to your Lifestyle Habits as Medicine.

I am ready to Kickstart improvement to my Lifestyle Habits for Better Health!


Habits Kickstart Quiz - The GOAL

Simple but Thought Provoking Questions
to help you 
review and reflect on
1. How you see 
2. What you are currently doing 
3. What you should do next
Your Lifestyle Habits
in terms of their impact
on your Health

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Let's Start the Quiz!

Question 2 of 10

Habits as Medicine KICKSTART Question ONE

Which of the conditions below do you think you are personally at risk of, concerned about or want to do more to better prevent, control or combat. 

Note: You can choose more than one answer for this question.

(Select all that apply)





High cholesterol or other lipid disorders


Truncal obesity (unhealthy waistline), fatty liver, high visceral fat and other unhealthy body fats states


Heart Attack






All of the above


None of the above

Question 3 of 10

For the next 4 questions in this questionnaire, 

Lifestyle Habits specifically refer to these few aspects of our lifestyle:
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Sleep
4. Stress Management

Lifestyle-related chronic diseases specifically refer to the following conditions and diseases
1. Diabetes
2. Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack
3. Cerebrovascular Disease, Stroke
4. Hypertension,
5. High Cholesterol & other Lipid Disorders
6. Unhealthy Body Fats States such as Truncal Obesity, High Levels of Visceral Fat, Fatty Liver.
7. Dementia

Click the [A] box below to indicate that you have read and noted the above before you proceed to the next 4 questions.

(Select all that apply)

Yes, I have read and noted the above. Ready to proceed to the next 4 questions.

Question 4 of 10

Habits as Medicine KICKSTART Question  TWO

How significant a role do you think Lifestyle Habits can potentially play in preventing, reversing, controlling or combating Lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

Note: You can choose only one answer for this question.


Lifestyle Habits modification is only HELPFUL to a small extent in the management of these conditions. Lifestyle Habits modifications is not that helpful or enough for those with family history of these conditions or those who have already developed and started medications for these conditions


Lifestyle Habits modification can only play a SUPPORTING ROLE to augment medications in managing these conditions. But medications remain the cornerstone of management of these conditions.


Lifestyle Habits modification should be the CORNERSTONE of management of these conditions, including preventing, controlling and combating the progression and complications of these conditions even when medications are needed or have already been started.

Question 5 of 10

Habits as Medicine KICKSTART Question THREE

You would consider it worthwhile the time and effort to change/improve your Lifestyle Habits ...


only if there is a 100% guarantee that that I would not develop Lifestyle-related chronic diseases or be able to have better control of them after I had made changes/improvement to my Lifestyle Habits


only if it can improve my control of / reduce my risks of developing Lifestyle-related chronic diseases by at least 50%


even if the improvement in my control of / reduction of my risks of developing Lifestyle-related chronic diseases is as small as 10% or less, so long as it is scientifically proven that it would help to some extent.


Not applicable. I have no intention to, I don't think it is necessary or worth the while to invest in the tremendous amount of time and effort that's needed to change/improve long-standing lifestyle habits.

Question 6 of 10

Habits as Medicine KICKSTART Question FOUR

Are there aspects of your current Lifestyle Habits that you know clearly have room/need for change or improvement so as to better prevent, reverse, control or combat Lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

Note: You can choose only one answer for this question.


Yes, there are many aspects of my current Lifestyle Habits that I know/believe are unhealthy but which I am not able/ready to change or improve.


Yes but I am making up, mitigating them by other means such as supplements and other alternative methods that do not involve having to change or improve my current Lifestyle Habits.


No, I believe my current Lifestyle Habits are as healthy as they can get, there are no/not much room/need to change or improve any of them.

Question 7 of 10

Habits as Medicine KICKSTART Question FIVE

There are six statements below, read each of them carefully, if you think the statement agree with with you, click it. 
You can choose more than one answer for this question. 

I am not able/ willing / ready to change or improve aspects of my current Lifestyle Habits that I know/believe are obviously unhealthy because

(Select all that apply)

I am Healthy, No Need - I am still relatively healthy, I do not have Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol or any other Lifestyle-related chronic conditions that clearly require change/improvement in my current lifestyle habits.


I am already on Medications, No Need - Although I have one or more of the Lifestyle-related chronic condition(s) as defined in this questionnaire, my condition(s) are already well controlled with medications, so there is no need/use for any change/improvement of my current Lifestyle Habits.


I want to continue to enjoy my unhealthy indulgences whilst I still can - but for now, I believe that my current state of health is still quite OK, I believe that I can still afford to indulge in the foods and other lifestyle that I have grown accustomed to and enjoyed even though I know that they are clearly unhealthy. I will only consider changing / improving these unhealthy lifestyle habits of mine when my condition(s) are serious enough and I have no choice.


I don't think I have the willpower or discipline to be able change/improve my lifestyle habits that I know are clearly unhealthy


Even though there are clear areas of my current lifestyle habits that are clearly unhealthy, now is not a good time for me to tackle them because of my (work, family, relationship) situation. I plan to do so when the timing is more conducive for me to make the necessary lifestyle habits changes.


I don't know how to, I think I need some help (information, enouragement, support) if I were to tackle those areas of my lifestyle habits that I know are clearly unhealthy and needed changing/improving.

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Habits as Medicine KICKSTART Question SIX

When I need to and/or am ready to improve/change my Lifestyle Habits to prevent/tackle any Lifestyle-related chronic conditions I may have or am concerned about ...

Note: You can choose only one answer for this question.


I know WHAT and HOW to do it. I don't need any more information/support from anybody (doctors, health educators/coaches)


I can turn to friends, internet (Google), social media (Youtube, Facebook) for more information to help me to make the necessary changes/improvements to my lifestyle habits.


I may consider looking for help in terms of equipping/availing myself with the necessary knowledge/support to give myself the best possible chance of doing it right/successfully - be it the relevant professionals (doctors, health educators/coaches) or programmes (workshops and courses)

Question 9 of 10

7-Day Habits Change KICKSTART CHALLENGE to change / improve your Lifestyle Habits. 

It is time to Make a Decision / Take Action if your replies to the earlier questions were that
1. YOU WANT - You want to do what you can to prevent / combat Lifestyle-related chronic diseases.
2. YOU BELIEVE - You believe that there
3. YOU KNOW - You know there are obvious aspects of your Lifestyle Habits that you know needed changing / improving

May I encourage you to take up this 7-Days Habits Change KICKSTART CHALLENGE
1. IDENTIFY one aspect of your Lifestyle Habits that you know is clearly unhealthy and obviously needed changing / improving.
2. Make a FIRM Decision - a- commit to change / improve that Lifestyle Habit you have identified in (1) 
3. Take CONCRETE Action, that for the next 7 days, do whatever that you are willing and able to do, to change / improve that Lifestyle Habit that you have identified and committed to changing / improving in (1)

Are you up for the challenge? 


YES! I will take action. For the next 7 Days, I will commit to do my best, to the degree that I am willing and able to, to change / improve that one aspect of my Lifestyle Habits that I've identified that needed changing / improving for better health.


No. I am not ready to OR I do not wish to take up this 7-Day Challenge.


Not applicable to me. I believe my health and lifestyle habits are as healthy as can be and no change / improvement necessary for me.

Question 10 of 10


How to use this HABITS KICKSTART to help you take the First Step to Unlock the Power of Habits as Medicine to Combat Lifestyle-related chronic Diseases - 
1. Take up the 7-Day Challenge to jumpstart improvement to any aspects of your Lifestyle Habits you have identified that need change/improvement.
2. Submit your details at the end of this quiz to receive a copy of your responses to this quiz - review it again, identify self-limiting beliefs & misconceptions and tackle them.

This is the last question of this quiz. Make sure you submit your email details at the end to get a copy of your responses for this quiz as a reference for your use during your HABITS KICKSTART journey.

Before you submit your details for a copy of your response, would really appreciate your feedback on this HABITS KICKSTART questionnaire (Quiz+7-Day Challenge), it would help me to constantly review & refine this to make it better.


It was very Helpful.


It was OK.


It was Useless.

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